10 minute Power bowl

by Camilia

10 minute Power bowl 🌱

How much time do you have to prepare a meal?

These days just seem busier and busier, so I am always looking for a quick meal that does not involve fast food. This bowl comes together in minutes and is loaded with whole food plant-based items.

Enjoy it! 😁

🥗 Ingredients:
Massaged kale (with lemon 🍋 salt 🧂 & oil)
Red onion
Cucumbers 🥒 & radishes topped with celery seeds
Green peppers
Carrots 🥕
Pumpkin seeds
Black beans with red onion, cilantro, lime juice and salt
Jumbo green olives

juice from one fresh squeezed lemon
olive oil
fresh pepper
crushed red pepper

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